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“The wealth of talent we have on the continent is not reflected in the number of profitable creators. Let's change this."

David Nandwa, CTO & Founder

Get paid from anywhere.

No matter where your audience/clients are, we want to ultimately help you get paid for your talent and skills - quickly & easily all whilst keeping most of your earnings. No hidden fees, no suprises.

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For Creators, by Creators.

Our platform has been heavily influenced by hundreds of conversation with our users. Everything about it is built with your unique pain-points and needs in mind and will continue to be informed by you.

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No, we don't support cryptocurrencies in any way shape or form.

Yes! As a freelancer, you can use our platform to get paid by your clients from anywhere in the world. Our in-built escrow system also protects you from the risk of delayed or unpaid invoinces.

Yes! We have two apps specifically focused on consumers. HC Remit - which can be accessed on Play Store & App Store, and Hive - our DeFi Wallet which can also be found on Play Store & App Store.

Yes, we also support the creation and selling of physical products, for example if you were running an instagram store. However, there may be better solutions suited to physical products for you like Paystack Checkout, Flutterwave, and the like.

Yes, affiliate links/products are supported on our platform, however if you feel that there's a future you'd like within the affiliate vertical feel free to let us know and we'll add it to our roadmap!