We help creators & millenials monetise their audiences, and manage their money.

The last platform you'll ever need to move & manage your money with ease.

These great companies trust and believe in what we're doing.
If you live here, we got you. If you don't, we probably still do, so please reach out!

Multi-Currency Accounts

Whether you're studying in another country or working remotely and need to get paid. We got you. And we always use the mid-market rate for all currency conversions. What does that mean? No more losing money just because you got hassled on the exchange rate.

Monetization made easy

People are unique, but getting paid by them doesn't have to be stressful. Accept all of these methods to let people pay you their way.
Also, prefer sending or receiving crypto? Just getting started? We're here for you? Imagine sending upto $10,000 USD for a transaction fee of just $1!

Guaranteed Transfer Times.

The most stressfull part about sending money is the anxiety that sets in once you've hit send.

At HoneyCoin, we can assure you that all Mobile Money Transfers are processed in minutes and Bank Debits and Transfers take a maximum of 3 days.

"I once had to wait 14 days just to receive a payment from another country. There had to be a better way."

Most platforms are built for profit not people. HoneyCoin was built for you. 💛

David Nandwa, CTO & Founder