African creators deserve to make a living doing what they love. Let's make it happen.

People love what you do, why not monetize it?

These great companies trust and believe in what we're doing.
Flutterwave Very Good Security Dwolla Plaid
If you live here, we got you. If you don't, we probably still do, so please reach out!

Monetization made easy.

It doesn't matter where you're monetizing from, we'll handle the hard stuff for you. We got you. And we always use the mid-market rate for all currency conversions. What does that mean? No more losing money just because you got hassled on the exchange rate.

Multi-Currency Payments

Consumers are unique, but getting paid by them doesn't have to be. We partner with amazing local and international players in order to provide country-specific methods increasing both your conversions & reach.

Guaranteed Payout Times.

We hate waiting times too. That's why when you monetize with us, we allow you to withdraw your earnings instantly.


No, at this time we only support FIAT currencies.
The possibilities for creators are endless! You can sell your digital art, build a membership around your written work, create a stream overlay to monetize your livestreams, sell tickets to your events, and a whole lot more!
You 100% can, however the platform is optimised for digital content & internet-based creatives. So we don't provide fulfillment or optimise for physical goods. Although one of acquiring partners, Flutterwave, have great tools for small businesses and physical-good merchants!
Yes! We want to help affiliate marketers do what they do best, drive sales. So you can monetize on behalf of a brand or business.

"The wealth of talent we have on the continent, is not reflected in the number of profitable creators. Let's change this."

Most platforms are built for profit not people. HoneyCoin was built for you. 💛

David Nandwa, CTO & Founder